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RKS Lanka, Jewellery, Manufacturing Techniques, Employees, Service, Innovations With Endless Possibilties

South Asia’s trusted world class Jewellery manufacture, integrated with world best technology from Germany and Japan to manufacture
“Guilt Free Jewellery”

Our Working Process

Concept and Design Development

It has been done through a very extensive process to bring the real value to the product and to our customers.

Test Model Development

The technology and human skills have been integrated to develop the product and bring out the true hidden value.

Sample Testing

To understand the customer requirement and for them to serve their customers, sample testing has lead the way.

Flexible MOQ Taking

We started small. Therefore we encourage all our small and mid-size customers to stand there own and encourage new entrepreneurs to maintain minimum cost and support their business strategy.

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RKS Lanka Rings

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RKS Lanka Earrings

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RKS Lanka Necklaces

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RKS Lanka Pendants

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