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Who We Are

RKS history began in 1969 in Pforzheim, Germany. The city of Pforzheim is named as The Gold Stadt (Gold City) joining the famous black forest. Where the best Jewellery manufacturing techniques have been born in Germany, that the country has produce many global brands to the world. German Engineering knowhow and continues engineering development has taken the company to greater heights.

While maintaining a cooperate office in Europe RKS Lanka was established as an approved Board of Investment venture in Sri Lanka in the year 1998. The Company was established within export industrial zone as the largest silver jewellery exporter, which is walking distance to the International Airport and it helps the company with good logistics.

Today RKS Lanka has become one of the largest exporter in Sri Lanka. Maintaining the highest international quality and standard to cater to its customers. The Company is equipped with diverse skills and the latest technology and is able to compete with many Jewellery manufactures around the world.

What we offer

Our Products

The Company manufactures all type of Jewellery for both men and women. RKS Lanka is one of the largest Jewellery exporters in Sri Lanka. It’s production knowhow combinations German and Japanese technology encompasses competitive edge and skill craftsmanship, which create value to our partners and end users with high quality with timeless valuable Jewellery pieces.

Product Innovation

The Company has gone beyond developing conventional Jewellery. Our key competencies lie on our product’s development and capturing different consumer’s needs. This helps our customers to become more competitive in their business.

Market Developments

The Company was established to work with some of the major Europe customers. Today the  Company works with the entire continent and major in Europe, USA and Australia. It gives     RKS Lanka the business edge over other industry player’s due to better understanding about cross section of customers in the world.

Customers Service

One of our key advantages is customer service and accessibility of required service. The flexibility gives our customers many key advantages over their competitors;

  1. Concept and design development
  2. We maintain flexibility of supplying samples and test samples
  3. Flexible MOQ levels

Our Management Team

Roland Scheube | Chairman / MD

Roshi Ramanathan | CEO

Dilan Senevirathne | COO

Countries we export

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