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Peoples Management

Today, the company has more than 200 people working across the globe and who bring great value to the organizations growth and development. One of our core strength is our people and our employees are from various nationalities, diverse ethnic groups and we treat everyone equally. RKS has created boundless platforms to encourage employees to bring their ideas and changes in the manufacturing process to the management.

The passion for drive excellence in all the activities and to overcome challenges is our motto. We are continually improving our knowledge through training both locally and internationally and some of our employees have being trained overseas and have overseas working experience working for many overseas organizations.

Can do attitude and behaviour changes enables us to improve our customer experience at all times. Hands on approach and leadership skills have helped us to overcome challenges ‘in our manufacturing process.

At RKS we provide every employee an equal opportunity to grow and bring people together and we care for them to strive beyond excellence with passion.


Our corporate social responsibility operates with the aim to embrace responsibility for RKS actions and encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered stakeholders. We place a high weight in CSR projects so as to deliver the best service to the community as a whole.

By understanding the importance of employees, consumers, environment and society, we engage in a variety of CSR projects within our capacity. RKS organizes CSR activities through Roland Scheube Charity Foundation which has been formed with the intention to serve the Sri Lankan society.

We are really proud of our social responsibilities which not only enhance the living standards of the employee profile, but also serve the society as a whole.


  • NCE Awards – Sector – Precious stones & Jewellery Sector
Year Category Award
2013 Medium Bronze
2012 Medium Silver
2011 Medium Bronze
2010 Small Silver
2009 Large Bronze


  • Achiever Award 2003 – Bronze – National Gem & Jewellery Authority
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